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  • What are the differences between Business Coaching and Business Consulting?
    Consulting is typically with the entire organization and often includes a higher investment in time, transparency, and cost, usually accompanied by a contract for a specified number of months or years. Business Coaching is typically between John and the Business Owner(s) or Key Leader(s), and requires a few hours a week, no financial transparency, and a lower financial investment, with no long-term contract.
  • What is the difference between Business Coaching and Business Mentoring?
    John has business mentors in his life. These professionals offer their time and expertise as needed at no cost, giving back to others in honor of the mentors they have learned from in their lives. Business Coaches are professionals who receive payment to achieve specific, measurable goals in the Client’s professional endeavors.
  • What will Business Coaching require of me alongside time and financial commitments?
    The last benefit John’s Business Coaching provides is the opportunity to Execute on Next Best Steps to reach his clients’ long-term goals. This requires his clients to do the work necessary to fully achieve the mutually-agreed-upon Next Best Step prior to the next Coaching session.
  • What is your Business Coaching process?
    Once our Discovery Session is complete, and both parties agree to work together, the weekly cohort session (small group capped at 10 attendees) is scheduled virtually and paid in advance, 4 sessions total. Each session begins with celebrating wins, followed by a recap of the previous session’s Next Best Steps. Progress towards completing these Steps is reviewed to determine if further action is needed or if the Step is fully completed. The bulk of the weekly session is dedicated to discussing what is currently happening in the clients’ lives along with ideas on how to best navigate these events. The session concludes with Next Best Steps to achieve prior to next week’s session.
  • What’s the biggest myth about Business Coaching?
    Business Coaching, as with coaching of all kinds, does not include automatic results. The client must be even more dedicated to accomplishing the mutually-agreed-upon Next Best Steps than the Coach.
  • If I hire a Business Coaching, will it signal to others that I am weak or incompetent?
    World-class athletes have a Coach and achieve far greater results than if they worked alone. Studies show results improve by 20-30% when a team is engaged with a Coach they trust and respect.
  • How do you help clients overcome challenges?
    John and the client identify the challenges, explore root causes, discuss potential solutions, and agree upon Next Best Steps. It’s always a team effort, with encouraging Accountability in place to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Can you describe a client after they’ve worked with you?
    One of my clients said that they accomplished more in 3 sessions with John than they had achieved on their own in 2 years. Self-motivated clients who value Coaching and put in the work get results and see measurable progress towards achieving their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG’s).
  • What is Business Coaching?
    Business Coaching equips self-motivated Business Owners, Business Leaders, Professionals and Entrepreneurs to gain a competitive advantage, grow their business and experience greater fulfillment in their business endeavors.
  • How long should a Business Coaching relationship last?
    Ideally, a minimum of 90 days. When John’s 1:1 Business Coaching is helping his clients achieve their long-term goals, the relationship can last as long as the client desires.
  • What are the benefits of Business Coaching?
    John’s Coaching provides Clarity, Accountability, Focus and Execution, highlighting 7 key areas: Motivation Grit Goals Retention/Hiring Yes and No to Who Marketing Running Your Business He receives regular feedback that one of his strengths is the ability to be a trusted sounding board for new ideas and Next Best Steps in line with his clients’ long-term goals.
  • What should you look for in a Business Coach?
    The best attributes of a Business Coach are trustworthiness, the ability to listen well, commitment to the long-term success of their client, excellent communication, punctuality, integrity that keeps their word, empathy that works to understand their client’s world, constructive feedback, mutual accountability, and detailed encouragement.
  • How does Business Coaching increase Team Productivity, Morale & Retention?
    A well-coached Business Owner or Business Leader is empowered and equipped to help their team achieve more. Coaching adds game-changing tools like engagement, encouragement, leadership, feedback, active listening, and communication to a leader’s toolkit, enhancing the effectiveness, morale, and productivity of the team. Teams who are engaged, empowered, equipped, and encouraged enjoy their work and stay with the company far longer.
  • How will we measure success during our Business Coaching relationship?
    During the Discovery Session, long-term goals will be identified. Progress towards achieving those goals, along with Next Best Steps and Milestones along the way, will be strong evidence that the Business Coaching relationship is Win/Win and getting results.
  • How is Business Coaching typically paid for? The company or the individual?
    Typically, by the individual investing their time and effort into the Coaching process. If a growth-minded, forward-thinking company desires to equip their key leaders or managers through Business Coaching, that is very doable, so long as the confidentiality of the Coaching Client is protected.
  • Where are your clients based?
    Since Coaching sessions are virtual via Zoom, our clients can be located across the world.
  • Is your Business Coaching confidential?
    100%. All effective Coaching is established on a foundation of total trust, which can only be earned & kept by total confidentiality. This is included in the Coaching agreement that is signed by both parties prior to starting.
  • Is it possible to speak with one of your Business Coaching clients before beginning our sessions?
    On a case-by-case basis for the Deluxe and Ultimate packages, yes, and only if John’s Coaching client agrees to speak with a Coaching candidate.
  • How can I add one more weekly time demand to my busy schedule?
    The owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals hungry to achieve their BHAG’s and maintain a competitive edge always find the few hours needed to leverage John’s Business Coaching solutions.
  • As a Business Coach, will you tell me what to do?
    No. John will encourage and hold his Clients accountable to mutually agreed-upon Next Best Steps, specific actions needed to make measurable progress towards achieving the Client’s BHAG’s.
  • How is Business Coaching different from Therapy?
    Licensed Therapists combine specific certifications, training, and deep personal reflections to bring about healing and growth. John’s focus is to work with those who are mentally healthy with an abundance & growth mindset, eager to learn and apply sound life and business principles to their career journey.
  • What candidate is the Best fit for Business Coaching?
    They see the value of working with an experienced, trustworthy, knowledgeable Business Coach. The ideal candidate should possess an entrepreneurial approach to business (innovative, growth-minded, open to new ideas and planning to step back from or sell the business in the future). The ideal Client leverages encouraging Accountability to stay Focused upon their BHAG’s and Next Best Steps. Most of all, they must be self-disciplined to be able to Execute when the Next Best Step is mutually determined by the Client and John.
  • About John’s years of experience:
    Across multiple industries, John has provided Business Coaching for over 25 years by adding value to his customers, business owners & leaders, teammates, vendors, and professional peers.
  • What are John’s Qualifications to be a Business Coach:
    John is a lifelong learner and heavy researcher. In just the past 3 years, John has read and annotated more than 100 books, penned by numerous best-selling authors in key business fields like: Leadership, Time Management, Networking, Social Media Best Practices, Delegation, Business Growth, Sales, Customer & Employee Experience, Marketing, Self-Care, Mindset, Execution, Focus, Clarity, Continuous Improvement and Change Management. John has intentionally added Business Coaches and Business Mentors into his life to drive continuous personal & professional growth while benefiting from their wisdom, business acumen and life experiences.
  • How can you guarantee results?
    Our Discovery Session will determine if we are an excellent fit for each other as Coach and Client. The Clients who do the work and execute on their Next Best Steps experience an exponential return on their investment with me. I can guarantee results for Clients who do the work that’s necessary to achieve Heroic Success.
  • What’s involved in the Discovery Session?
    John will answer any questions not covered by the website’s FAQ’s. We will discuss the Client’s Big Hairy Audacious Goals and their reasons for reaching out. The Discovery Session will run between 15 & 30 minutes to help determine if John and the Coaching Candidate are a good fit for each other.
  • How much time do I need to set aside per week for Coaching?
    2- 3 hours, depending on the time needed for the Next Best Steps to be completed prior to the next weekly Coaching session.
  • What’s the minimum timeframe before we begin to see results?
    The Clients who diligently attend the weekly sessions, engage in honest conversations, and execute the mutually agreed-upon Next Best Steps, experience significant results in as little as 4 weeks.
  • How did you arrive at your pricing?
    John researched the Business Coaching market, consulted with trusted Business Mentors & Consultants to arrive at pricing that is both affordable to the Client and an accurate value for John’s Business Coaching acumen.
  • What factors should be included when considering investing in Business Coaching?
    The prospective Client must be willing to commit to the time, Focus and follow through to experience the results Win/Win Business Coaching can help them achieve. Candidates who want to take their success to the next level (who are doing well and want to do greatly) view Business Coaching as leverage to gain a competitive advantage rather than a Magical Shortcut to success.
  • What if I decide to cancel our Business Coaching agreement?
    John does not offer Coaching contracts that lock Clients into a long-term payment agreement. If the Client decides not to proceed with Coaching, and has not participated in any sessions, a full refund will be issued. If the Client has engaged in sessions, the refund will be prorated based on the number of attended or viewed sessions.
  • Is a Business Coach a Business Partner?
    No. John has chosen to remain separate from the finances of the business to Focus on Equipping the People and improving the Processes.
  • I’ve just started my business. Is this a good time to add a Business Coach?
    John prefers to work with established Business Owners, Leaders and Entrepreneurs, those companies and individuals who are experiencing success and desire to take their results to the next level.
  • Will our business make more money working with you?
    For the Clients who execute on their Next Best Steps, they have experienced a 3-prong benefit: lower operating costs, higher revenue and greater profitability. I guarantee results…for the Clients who follow through.
  • We have a limited budget. Can we meet once per month instead of weekly?
    No. The results John’s ideal clients desire can only be achieved through regular weekly sessions.
  • My business is struggling. Can you fix it for us?
    Struggling to grow? Yes. Struggling to stay in business? No. The business must be established in order to afford John’s Business Coaching solution while seeing it as a competitive advantage rather than a savior.
  • What hours are available for Business Coaching sessions?
    John’s hours are flexible since the weekly Coaching sessions are virtual. Ideal timeframes for the Client and John will be discussed during the Discovery Session, should there be agreement on a strong mutual fit. The weekly cohort small group sessions are offered once per week and are always recorded so that those unable to attend can view the recorded session. The live sessions are most effective since all attendees can benefit from the discussions and brainstorming.
  • What forms of payment do you accept for Business Coaching sessions?
    Invoices are sent via Stripe, so any major credit card, checking account or digital payment that Stripe accepts will work.

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