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WINNING SECRETS: How a Dictionary and a Ruler Can Change Your Life

In this book, John will share transforming truths with you that will literally change your life. You’ll never see your life in the same way again. Your view of yourself, and how you perceive those around you, will be transformed in a way you never thought possible. 

“This is a wonderful, life-changing book that shows you how to decide exactly what you want and achieve more than ever before!”

-Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant


“In order to Win customers for life, your team members need to be Winning at Life. John’s book, Winning Secrets, reveals how we can all Win more at Life.”

-Shep Hyken, New York Times bestselling author 

of The Amazement Revolution

WOW Your Customers! 7 Ways to World-Class Service

World-class customer service is highly-valued in today’s competitive, global marketplace. Yet, it is hard to find.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 team member, there is a need for innovative, proven ideas to revitalize your customers’ experience. 

Consider the following questions:  ​

  • Are you working to improve your customer experience?

  • Are you satisfied with your customer and employee retention?

  • Are you adding and keeping strong performers on your team?

  • Do you want to boost your profits AND customer satisfaction?

  • Do you want to add more engaged, loyal customers?

  • Are you searching for cost-effective training with a guaranteed return?

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The Heroic Experience Show

Heroism isn't just for Hollywood. Businesses can absolutely be Heroic by pursuing 2 elements: Excellence and a Higher Purpose. Our guests and their stories will inspire, equip and inform business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on why they started their businesses in the first place: to make a difference. 

Do you want your business and your people to grow?

John's Business Coaching equips self motivated professionals, business leaders, executives and business owners to maximize their potential, reach key milestones, and achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG's).


Tired of working way too hard for the same results?

Contact John today. You'll be glad you did!

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