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Prepare to have your paradigms shattered!

John D. Hanson is a Leadership and Customer Experience guru, proven Business Coach, Winning Consultant and Global Author. He has over 25+ years of experience in customer service, leadership, communication, and training and development.

Featuring globally-unique messages that engage, refresh and inspire your team to achieve greater results together, John combines his 25+ years of speaking experience with a passion for adding value to others. John is also backed by years of thorough research, proven leadership skills, and numerous professional accomplishments.

A sample of John’s speaking experiences:

  • Ohio Association of County Boards of D.D. (x2)

  • Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (x2)

  • Kentucky Primary Care Association (x4)

  • Indiana Rural Health Association (x2)

  • National Association of Rural Health Care (x2)

  • ProGreen Expo (x4)

  • Network of Owners Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (x5)

  • Ohio Rural Health Association (x2)

  • Small Nation Business Development (x3)

  • CX Centric Conversation---Panelist for North America (x6) 

  • Restaurant Institute (x3)

  • Audacious Leaders Summit

  • Municipal Electrical Utilities of Wisconsin

  • Innovate New Albany

  • Hocking County Board of D.D.

  • Park DuValle Community Health Center

  • Holton Community Hospital

Speaking topics John can dive into:

  • Heroic Leadership

  • Customer Experience

  • Winning at Life

  • Customer Service

  • Patient Experience

  • Earning and Keeping Trust

  • Empathy

  • Powerful Productivity

  • Our 3 Most Precious Resources

  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting

  • Positivity

  • Seizing Opportunity

  • Conquering Stress

  • Effective Networking

  • Business Growth

  • Leveraging the Opportunity of Disruption

Keynote speaking general fee structure:


Live Events

  • $10,000 with emcee and Q&A session included in pricing

  • $7,500 for non-profits and associations

  • Travel costs and 50% deposit paid in advance


Virtual Events

  • $4,900 with Q&A session included in pricing

  • $3,500 for non-profits and associations

  • 50% deposit paid in advance

Please contact John to discuss pricing further.

Tracy S.

“The entire message was excellent; came away with great ideas to engage all of our customers.”

Luke M.

“John will thrive and breathe life into any organization he is involved with.”

Brooke W.

“Great presentation! John’s concepts for Winning helped shift my thinking; a good fit for my life right now.”


Book John D. Hanson

If your next event relies on a knowledgeable, polished speaker who genuinely cares for and connects with the audience, contact John today. You'll be glad you did!

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